Web development (LAMP)

Most of my customers are SMEs and the software development budget is limited.  LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP) is a good choice for them. They are free, open source and many development resources available in the Internet.

Open source is important when you encounter a problem likely locating inside the framework. By tracing the source codes, you have chance to twist your workaround.

I use Linux a lot. My favorite distributions are Fedora Core, CentOS and Redhat. Fedora bundles with the latest software package. As a R&D developer, you have chance to test your source codes with the latest software technology, and avoid legacy coding style. I sometimes use Ubuntu for Android host development.

One of my latest projects is Moda Diet Consultation System.

By using this system, dietitian can monitor client’s diet, activity and weight efficiently.

Apart from the App development, I participated most in the REST OAuth2.0 API server using PHP. It is a fun project and it relates to your daily life.



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